We were watching an Air Force picture
on television and about nine o'clock
at night I heard a knock on the front
door, as I turned on the porch light I could see
an Air Force officer standing there. It
was than I wanted to die as I knew
from his presence that we had lost
our other son. So we have an
understanding how you must feel.
We hve been following Ryan's
condition throughout his sickness
and the day that he passed away
I cried very hard because I was
so helpless to do anything to save
him. If you and your daughter
ever come to Ohio, please stop in
and see us. Again may I say God
bless you and your family in these
dark days and may the light get
brighter each passing day.

Sincerely yours

P.S. I just had to let
you know in the letter
that we and all the
people are with you
in this tim e of sorrow.

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