July 9, 1988

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for writing for the picture. Getting them made my summer. I hope when you get more spare time you continue to write.

So how was your trip to Calif. I hope everything went well. I hope the ground didn't shake while you were out there.

Yesterday it was 105 degrees. It was 110 in my trailer, so I went out and bought a air conditioner. I also hope it gets cooler and we get rain. We have not had any rain for 22 days. How is the weather in Ind?

If I didn't have to move and buy a new trailer I would have been in Calif. the same time you were. Maybe we could have met. I do hope we meet in the future.

Been on vacation for two weeks. My cousin was in from Calif for nine days. He could not believe how green and open the area was. He even took a picture of an out house. He said he never seen one. I wished he could have stayed longer. He is 21. I guess the rest of my vacation I'll fish. What do you have planned for the rest of the summer?

I am now waiting to see who I get from the Big Brothers. I hope to hear from them in about a week. It has been seven and a half months since I signed up. They really want to know everything about me.

What are your hobbies? What do you do with the spare time you get? I guess since you moved and got a job you don't deliever papers. Where I use to live I enjoyed helping the paperboy with his papers. I had a good time helping him. If I didn't work differn shifts I would have a paper route. Mainly for the exercise.

How do you like your car I hope it runs ok. I guess it will be a while till I get another one. I don't know what it will be.

Well Ryan I hope you have a great summer. I guess you can't wait till school starts. I'll be writing you again real soon. Again thanks for the picture and letter. Please wrtie again when you have the time. Take care.

Your Friend
Donald [blank]

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