Carole R., Lowell, Joey, Jeanne White on April 09, 1990



"as a mother comforts her son so will I comfort you" Isaiah 66:13

perpetual mass association

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4-9-90 Dear Mrs. White and family and friends, The 5th graders at [redacted] school have been moved and touched by Ryan and your family. We also have been educated by what Ryan has taught us about AIDS and how compassionate people need to be for each other. Right now, in our own health class, we are watching the television movie, "The Ryan White Story." Ryan stood for so much in his fight for an under standing of AIDS. Ryan was such a brave, fearless, com passionate, loving, young man. The world will truly miss Ryan but his spirit and love for life will remain with us, always... We've enclosed some poems and prayers to ease your pain and emptiness. Sincerely, Miss [redacted] and the 5th graders

[printed text] The children of God know the comfort of his touch, they will live forever in his arms.

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As a special rememberence Ryan White will share in the prayers and good works of the servents of Mary including a daily rememberence in the holy sacrifice of the mass.

Miss[redacted] and the 5th graders of [redacted] school. Father Donald, O.S.M. 4-9-90

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[left side of page; handwritten text] There's a first death for evrone Lowell

[printed text] The Servants of Mary

Out Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was sent by his heavenly Father to bring us redemption and to teach us what we need to know about earthly life as we journey toward eternal life. One of the most important teachings of Jesus for us pilgrims concerns prayer. He taught us to pray and prayed himself. We read in the Gospel Hill that "large crowds would gather to hear him and to have their sickness cured but that he would always go off someplace where he could be alone and pray."

Today there are many people who consecrate their time in a special way by praying for themselves and for others. Among these people are the Priests and Brothers of the Order of the Friar Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These Servites have promised to pray for the person remembered in this Special Mass Program Booklet.

This promise includes a daily remembrance in the Eucharistic Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the common prayerof Servite Communities, in the personal prayer of Priests and Brothers who praise God by meditating the Scriptures, the Rosary, the Way of the Cross, the Via Matris and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Because we will pray for you, we Servites in turn ask you to pray for us that we might be faithful to our life, to God and to you who believe in us.

The person remembered in this booklet has been enrolled in a Special Mass Program and a contribution has been made in their name to the Servants of Mary.

[handwritten text] Ryan helped the world alot to learn about AIDS. I'm very sorry about His death. Remember God will comfort him. Joey [redacted]

Ryan was brave and I think it runs in the family. I am very sorry. Daniella S

[right side of card; handwritten text] Hope you get over your sad times! Ryan [redacted]

Hope you get over Your sad times Be happy! Chris [redacted]

I'm sorry Melissa [redacted]

I'm sorry Very sorry Love Dana

Raul [redacted]

Lisa [redacted]

Really Sorry Adrienne

I'm Sorry Nick

Sorry Dennis [redacted]

Christopher [redacted]

I am touched by the Death of Ryan Brian [redacted]

Verry sorry about Ryans Death. And I touched and sad. Love Victor [redacted]

Anthony [redacted]

I'm Sorry Mike [redacted]

I'm verry sorry Colleen [redacted]

I'm sorry about Ryan's death. He was a very special person Meggie [redacted]

I'm very sorry. I hope you feel better. Elizabeth [redacted]

I'm very sorry Jose [redacted]

Andy [redacted] I'm sorry

I'm sorry about Ryan's death. Laura [redacted]

Vincent [redacted] I'm touched and sad about Ryan's Death

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Carrie [redacted] Sorry

Sorry Joe [redacted]

I am very sorry Ryan died. I'm glad he wanted to go to school! Love Jamie [redacted]

I'm very sorry. My family and I miss Ryan a great deal even if we didn't know him personally

I am very sorry about Ryan's death. I hope you get over your sad times. God will always be with you. Emily [redacted]


Although Ryan has died he will be in the hearts of everyone. He helped the world a lot. God will help you through this time. Leilani [redacted]

Ryan's spirit will live in the hearts of everyone He was a very special person. He did stuff he shouldn't have to do like fight to go to school. I'll mis shim a lot. He is one of my heros Kevin [redacted]

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