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Lizabeth [redacted]
[redacted] In. [redacted]

Dear Ms. White:

Please read the enclosed commentary, written for a Women's
Study Class I was taking at the time of Ryan's death.
Although the paper was written for a class, and is -- among
other things -- a perspective on how our culture binds women
into impossible mothering roles, it is also a token of
support to you.

I, too, am a single parent with a son and a daughter. My
daughter has cerebral palsy which has created life
threatening situation on several occasions, and has also
left her vulnerable to bigotry and bias. My son has been
graced with an athletic body.

How difficult it sometimes is to help them see that each
struggle brings its own blessing -- that even though [redacted] has
been dealt a body that isn't what we would like it to be, she
has also been given many gifts. And [redacted], who appears to have
the world by the tail, has struggles and problems as great as
any adolescent child.

I understand much of what you have battled. And now, as you
are facing the grieving process of Ryan's separation from you
through death, I want especially to offer my support and
encouragement to you. You have been an inspiration to many,
through your faith, spirit, and creative determination.
Please be comforted by those of us you have touched.

Beth [redacted]
Beth [redacted]