play real cute together. Sometimes
they fight with each other, but
they don't hurt each other. I
like animals. Do you? I also
have a cat named Tigger. He
plays with Snickers and Sparky.
I have to watch them though to
make sure they don't get too rough
with each other.

I just seen the movie "Big" with
Tom Hanks. It was a very
funny movie. Tom Hanks played
his part in the movie real well.
He is a funny actor. Did you see
the movie? The best part to me
was when they played the
floor piano that you walk on.
There are a lot of scary movies
coming out for Halloween. I
like watching movies. Almost
every weekend I rent a movie
or two. I like movies and T.V.
I read a lot too.

I hope you write me back. I would
like to know more about you. To
me you are special and have a lot

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