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kromey at May 22, 2018 12:25 AM


January 18, 1989

Dear Ryan,

It will be quite a miracle if this letter is even received
by you. I did not have a specific address, so I decided to take my
chances and sent it to your town only.

I hope this "typed" letter doesn't seem to formal, but be
glad I did type it. My handwriting is atrocious!!

It must feel strange reading a letter from someone you
haven't even met. But, what better way is there to get to know
someone than through the mighty pen--or computer!

I guess I might as well introduce myself so you won't feel
like we are "total" strangers. My name is Andrea (weird,
huh?), and I am also a sophomore. (And I must say that I envy your
drivers license!) Isn't tenth grade a killer? Anyway...

After hearing so much about you and your successful
"fight" with AIDS, I just felt like I had to write.

I am moved by your strength and I admire the courage that
you have.

After reading numerous articles, you seem to me as
someone who I funny and easy to get along with. Not much different
from anyone else. I don't even understand why people would think
twice about you not being a "regular kid." I guess it just takes a
"child's" mind to really understand and to not be scared of reality.

One thing that really caught my eye was your comment that
"it helps to put other people first, since there are always others
that are worse off than you are." I think it takes a lot of "guts"
not to be selfish and not put yourself before others.

I guess that the main reason why I decded to write this
letter is the topic of religion.

I have been following your story since the beginning, and I
have always wondered if you are a christian.

Admittingly, I have touched on a somewhat personal side,
but I feel that one can not live life and truly be happy without God.
Also, when I myself feel on the low side, I just think of all the
wonderful things that he has planned for me. then, my troubles
seem so trivial.

Well, I apologize for the length of this letter, call it a
novel if you wish, but I just wanted to write to show you in this
small way, how much I care.

Besides, I also wanted to let you know how much I "adore"
your accent!

I understand how busy you must be...but writing was
definitely worth a try!!

Well...keep in touch...(we can all use another friend)


if you wish I can be reached at:

Quote for the day:
You can do anything
You want to if you
Set your mind to
it and go to work - Dan