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If you have already discovered
hidden letters in the paper,
you are right. We are having
another contest. Collect all 10
letters, unscramble them,
have your teacher initial and
date your word, and enter it
into Mrs. Smoot's box in her
room for our new Treasure
Hunt Contest. The first 5
winners will compete in the
treasure hunt. Of course,
there are lots of prizes! The
winner of last month's contest
was 1st place: Nazra Webb.


Mrs. Smoots - K-4
This month Mrs. Smoots' class
will be making alphabet
books. Each child will be
using their name matched
with an animal. Such as
"Chrissy Cat."
For a field trip in April the
class will be going to the
Children's Animal Farm. And
in May they will be going to
the Woodland Park Zoo.
On Thursday March 29, the
class had a Storbook Character
Day and a farewell party for
Kim Colley. She moved to
Dallas, Texas on Friday March
30th. We will miss her very much.
The class is making daffodills
and daisys. They have already
planted zinnia seeds. Almost
all the seeds have begun to
sprout. A We will be having
outdoor snack time on nice
sunny days.

Mrs. Bohlin - K-5

Mrs. Bohlin's class is studying
a unit on seeds. They will be
planting marigold seeds and
watching them grow. Each
student will take care of their
own plant.
At the end of April the class
will be going on a field trip.
They will go to an animal farm
to see baby animals.
For a special project this
month the class will be
making alphabet books. They
will work on making them as a
For a field trip the class will
be going to an animal farm to
see baby animals.

Mrs. Hartman - 1st/2nd
They are making hot-air
balloons by covering baloons
with paper mache. It is the
begining project to their
transportation portion R of
their "communities" unit.
They acted out 3 different
stories from their readers
recently. Students made their
own props such as: hat, and
flute for Pied Piper of
Hamilton, mayor's hat, and
animal faces to wear.
They are doing a lot of
different types of writing
with all of our activities:
phrases, poems, paragraphs,
and stories. Come read your
way through their room.
Students are earing keys for
being courteous. They read
a poem called "The Gold
Keys of Courtesy." Your should
see how many keys are on
some chains.

Mrs. Schuler - 2nd
On May 3rd they are going to
the Puyallup fair for the K-3
animal show with the 1st and
2nd graders.

Mr. Graham - 4/5
As one of the classes special
projects the class will be
learning Spanish and having
a fiesta at the end of the year.
They will also work on their
Their field trips are: They
went to the skate deck on
March 28 and to the library on
April 12. In order for the
students to go to the skate deck
they had to have $1300 in
their "check-books." (class
room money).


Dear Granny,
My parents won't let me go to
the movie with some friends.
And there is a movie I really
want to see. What should I do?

Dear Movie-less,
I am going to have to suggest
that you respect your parents

Dear Granny,
I've been doing awful in my
school work. What do you
suggest I do?
Bad Grades

Dear Bad Grades,
I suggest you either talk to the
teacher about it or go to your
parents. Maybe you should
pray and ask the Lord to help'you.

The Newspaper hopes
everyone has a great Easter!
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