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Christian Times
April 13, 1990

By Erin Romine


Ryan White an 18 year old
vicitm of AIDS, died early
April 8th. Ryan had been in
Riley Children's Hospital for
the past 1 1/2 weeks with an
AIDS related pulmonary

Ryan was diagnosed with the
AIDS virus in December 4th
of 1984. He caught the virus
from a blood-clotting agent
used to treat hemophilia.
Hemophillia isS an inherited
condition in which the blood
does not clot normally,
resulting in excessive
bleeding after the slightest

President Bush, during a visit
to Indianapolis the week of
April 1st - 6th, planted
planted an elm tree in a park
and dedicated the tree to Ryan
White President Bush said,
"Ryan has helped us to
understand the truth about
AIDS and he has shown all of
us the strength and bravery
of the human heart. So today
as we plant this beautiful
American elm, the symbol of
new life, let it be Ryan's tree."

After the President, and Mrs.
Bush learned of Ryan's death
the H President said the
following, "Barbara and I are
deeply saddened with the
death of Ryan White. All
Americans are impressed by
his courage, strength, and his
ability to continue fighting."

Elton John, a singer who
stayed at the hospital with the
Whites, dedicated the song "A
Candle in the Wind," to Ryan
during the Farm Aid IV
concert on Saturday, April
7th, at the Hoosier Dome.
John told the crowd of 45,000,
"This one's for Ryan." Other
celebrities visited the
hospital including Jesse
Jackson, Howie Long, and
Michael Jackson, the signer.
Last March Ryan appeared
with former President
Reagan, to announce the
newly developed Ryan White
National Program for AIDS
Education by athletes and
children's E entertainers.
Ryan last appeared with
former President Reagan, and
Mrs. Reagan at the Oscars for
un-well children in L.A.

When former President
Reagan heard of Ryan's death
he said, "A very brave, young
man whose courageous battle
had reached it's end. He and
his family stand as a symbol of
the need for greater tolerance
and understanding toward
those afflicted with AIDS."

Woodrow A. Meyers Jr. who
supported Ryan during the
legal battle said the following
of H Ryan, "Through his
eloquence, he showed all of us
our true colors, and showed all
of us we had picked the wrong
enemy. We should have been
fighting all along against the
disease rather than the people
who had it."

Governor Evan Bayh of
Indiana ordered flags as the
statehouse to be flown at
half-staff in Ryan's honor.
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