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April 16, 1990

Dear Mrs. White,

This is our school newspaper. We thought you might like to read the articles about Ryan. We are very sorry about Ryan's death. "Ryan had courage, strength, and an ability to continue fighting," as President Bush said. We hope many others with the AIDS virus will follow in Ryan's footsteps.

If you would like to write us back, it would be much appreciated.

Write to: Washington

God Bless You and your family,

Amy Sascha & Erin

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Christian Times April 13, 1990

EDITORIAL: By Erin Romine


Ryan White an 18 year old vicitm of AIDS, died early April 8th. Ryan had been in Riley Children's Hospital for the past 1 1/2 weeks with an AIDS related pulmonary infection.

Ryan was diagnosed with the AIDS virus in December 4th of 1984. He caught the virus from a blood-clotting agent used to treat hemophilia. Hemophillia isS an inherited condition in which the blood does not clot normally, resulting in excessive bleeding after the slightest cut.

President Bush, during a visit to Indianapolis the week of April 1st - 6th, planted planted an elm tree in a park and dedicated the tree to Ryan White President Bush said, "Ryan has helped us to understand the truth about AIDS and he has shown all of us the strength and bravery of the human heart. So today as we plant this beautiful American elm, the symbol of new life, let it be Ryan's tree."

After the President, and Mrs. Bush learned of Ryan's death the H President said the following, "Barbara and I are deeply saddened with the death of Ryan White. All Americans are impressed by his courage, strength, and his ability to continue fighting."

Elton John, a singer who stayed at the hospital with the Whites, dedicated the song "A Candle in the Wind," to Ryan during the Farm Aid IV concert on Saturday, April 7th, at the Hoosier Dome. John told the crowd of 45,000, "This one's for Ryan." Other celebrities visited the hospital including Jesse Jackson, Howie Long, and Michael Jackson, the signer. Last March Ryan appeared with former President Reagan, to announce the newly developed Ryan White National Program for AIDS Education by athletes and children's E entertainers. Ryan last appeared with former President Reagan, and Mrs. Reagan at the Oscars for un-well children in L.A.

When former President Reagan heard of Ryan's death he said, "A very brave, young man whose courageous battle had reached it's end. He and his family stand as a symbol of the need for greater tolerance and understanding toward those afflicted with AIDS."

Woodrow A. Meyers Jr. who supported Ryan during the legal battle said the following of H Ryan, "Through his eloquence, he showed all of us our true colors, and showed all of us we had picked the wrong enemy. We should have been fighting all along against the disease rather than the people who had it."

Governor Evan Bayh of Indiana ordered flags as the statehouse to be flown at half-staff in Ryan's honor. (continued on next page)E2

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The news reports first shown told how Ryan and his family were shunned by the citizens in his home town, Kokomo. His classmates rejected him, and their parents acted to bar Ryan from classes at Western Middle School in Russiaville, near Kokomo. Parents and school officials refused the assurance of the health officials that AIDS couldn't be spread through normal contact. Ryan continued to keep up his studies through a computer telephone system. Eventually the year long battle was won and Ryan was re-admitted to classes. His return to school led the students to boycot Ryan. Ryan's family soon moved to Cicero, a town approximately 25 miles from Indianapolis. Ryan was accepted vermly at Hamilton Heights High School. In the Christmas of 1987, Ryan told reporters his only wish for Christmas was that other children with AIDS would received as much and warmth as he did at Hamilton High. In 1988 Ryan described himself as a "Normal, happy teenager."

Later Ryan was a young spokesman for educating people about AIDS.

Ryan was on many T.V. shows including, 3-2-1 Contact, the Phil Donahue show, and was on the cover of People magazine. Ryan was also the subject of a movie about himself.

Ryan spoke everywhere from fund-raisers for AIDS, to the classroom.

Ryan met former President Ronald Reagan, and current President George Bush. Before the White House Commission of AIDS, Ryan said, "I came face to face with death at 13 years old, but decided to live a normal life."

Ryan lived quite a normal life. Ryan had his 18th birthday last December. Ryan had a job at a skateboard store. He also had a driver's license and a girlfriend. Ryan was a popular "kid." Ryan's great wish was to graduate from high school. Ryan had courage, strength, and an ability to continue fighting as we hope many others with the AIDS virus will follow.



Dec. 1984 - Doctors diagnose 13 year old Ryan White with AIDS, which he got from blood transfusions used to treat his hemophilia.

July 30, 1985 - Ryan is barred from school by Western Schools Corp. Superintendent, James Smith.

Aug 8, 1985 - The Whites go to court to sue, so Ryan can go back to school.

Aug. 26, 1985 - The first day of school for Western Middle School. Ryan is able to hear and talk to the class by a computer-telephone hook up.

Nov 1, 1985 - Attorneys for Ryan and the school districts giving tesatamonies to the Indiana Department of Education.

Nov 25, 1985 - Kathleen Madinger Angelone, a hearing officer, says Ryan should be allowed to go to school when he is not terribly sick.

Dec 17, 1985 - The Wester School Board votes about Kathleen Angelone's ruling.

Feb 6, 1986 - A ruling by the Department of Education says nothing can prevent 14 year old Ryan from attending classes, as long as he gets clearance from the health official.

Feb 13, 1986 - Howard County health official, Alan Adler, states that Ryan is well enough to go back to school.

Feb 21, 1986 - Ryan attends school for half of a day. Later in the day a judge gives a temporary injunction which no longer allows Ryan to attend school.

April 10, 1986 - Judge Jack O'Neill abolishes the injunction, claming he didn't have any evidence that Ryan would be a threat to any of the students in Ryan's class, so he returns to school that same day.

July 18, 1986 - The parents of the students who attend school with Ryan, abandon the five-month legal battle they had been having, due to financial problems.

Aug 25, 1986 - Ryan starts 8th grade at Western High School.

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Ryan White's Battle With AIDS (continued)

Summer of 1987 - The White family moves to Cicero, Indiana, where they are welcomed and accepted by the community and school system.

Aug 31, 1987 N - Ryan, now a freshman, attends the first day of school at Hamilton Heights High School with no protest. Mrs. White reports that Ryan has been using the drug, AZT, for the past two weeks.

March 3, 1988 - Ryan goes before the White House AIDS Commission and testifies. He says, "I came face to face with death at 13 years old," but decided, "to live a normal life."

Dec 6, 1988 - Mrs. White says Ryan's hernia surgery has been postponed due to medical problems.

Dec 16, 1989 - Ryan's 18th birthday comes, with Ryan in ill health.

March 29, 1990 - Ryan suffering from a respiratory infection, is admitted to Riley Hospital for Children.

April 2, 1990 - Ryan is on a life support Ssystem, in critical condition.

April 8, 1990 - Ryan White dies peacefully in his sleep and is remembered by millions of people.I


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If you have already discovered hidden letters in the paper, you are right. We are having another contest. Collect all 10 letters, unscramble them, have your teacher initial and date your word, and enter it into Mrs. Smoot's box in her room for our new Treasure Hunt Contest. The first 5 winners will compete in the treasure hunt. Of course, there are lots of prizes! The winner of last month's contest was 1st place: Nazra Webb.


Mrs. Smoots - K-4 This month Mrs. Smoots' class will be making alphabet books. Each child will be using their name matched with an animal. Such as "Chrissy Cat." For a field trip in April the class will be going to the Children's Animal Farm. And in May they will be going to the Woodland Park Zoo. On Thursday March 29, the class had a Storbook Character Day and a farewell party for Kim Colley. She moved to Dallas, Texas on Friday March 30th. We will miss her very much. The class is making daffodills and daisys. They have already planted zinnia seeds. Almost all the seeds have begun to sprout. A We will be having outdoor snack time on nice sunny days.

Mrs. Bohlin - K-5

Mrs. Bohlin's class is studying a unit on seeds. They will be planting marigold seeds and watching them grow. Each student will take care of their own plant. At the end of April the class will be going on a field trip. They will go to an animal farm to see baby animals. For a special project this month the class will be making alphabet books. They will work on making them as a class. For a field trip the class will be going to an animal farm to see baby animals.

Mrs. Hartman - 1st/2nd They are making hot-air balloons by covering baloons with paper mache. It is the begining project to their transportation portion R of their "communities" unit. They acted out 3 different stories from their readers recently. Students made their own props such as: hat, and flute for Pied Piper of Hamilton, mayor's hat, and animal faces to wear. They are doing a lot of different types of writing with all of our activities: phrases, poems, paragraphs, and stories. Come read your way through their room. Students are earing keys for being courteous. They read a poem called "The Gold Keys of Courtesy." Your should see how many keys are on some chains.

Mrs. Schuler - 2nd On May 3rd they are going to the Puyallup fair for the K-3 animal show with the 1st and 2nd graders.

Mr. Graham - 4/5 As one of the classes special projects the class will be learning Spanish and having a fiesta at the end of the year. They will also work on their garden. Their field trips are: They went to the skate deck on March 28 and to the library on April 12. In order for the students to go to the skate deck they had to have $1300 in their "check-books." (class room money).


Dear Granny, My parents won't let me go to the movie with some friends. And there is a movie I really want to see. What should I do? Movie-less

Dear Movie-less, I am going to have to suggest that you respect your parents decision. Granny

Dear Granny, I've been doing awful in my school work. What do you suggest I do? Bad Grades

Dear Bad Grades, I suggest you either talk to the teacher about it or go to your parents. Maybe you should pray and ask the Lord to help'you.

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