Yann to Ryan White on April 03, 1986



Thursday, April 3rd 1986

Mr Ryan White KOKOMO Indiana USA

Dear Ryan,

I have red a paper about you in a French magazine few days ago and I wanna say to you that I'm shure you will succeed to go on, in spite of your disease.

In French we call it SIDA and I thin that you say AIDS and I want you to be assured that a solution will be found by American and French specialists to cure this modern disease, and that you will be out of danger soon.

I've learned that a decision was to be taken by the court of Justice concerning your return at the Western School. Whatever the sense of this decision (and I'm shure you will succeed again) you must keep cool , in order to show yourself, your relatives and all the countrymen that you are above all

I am living in the south of [redacted], in France. I send you many postal cards to show you how beautiful is our city that I hope you can see within a few years.

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I have written a book for young children between 7 and 16 years old, it was in 1979 and it is yet published. I send you a copy. Maybe it will help you to improve your French. The scene of this book takes place in 1965, in a holiday camp of south France. Many boys are searching for a treasure and in the same time, one of the counsellors finds his young brother that he had never seen.

I join my feelings to the people who written you from all over the world, sending to you and your family a message of courage and happyness.

My good wishes to you. Love From Yann


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