Peter Sondag to Ryan White on March 04, 1986



SEND [Redacted] Peter [Redacted]

[Redacted] the March 4, 86 [Redacted] Federal Republic of Germany

Pupil Ryan White Street unknown Kokomo In. 46902 U.S.A.

Dear Ryan,

i would you some lines write. I should me glad when you back reply. I have read into the newspaper. That you must not go to school! I my, that do to wide. You have the "Same Law" go to school, as yours school-fellow. That is not human, when She you now simple not more have will into school.

I will for you also fight of Bonn out. I hope i have success for you.

The best wish for You and yours Parents and godblessing. Excuse please my english is not good. I hope you may it understand.

Into friendship [Redacted] Peter

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