world. On April, 2nd 1986, I'm sure the judge will allow Ryan to
find back his seat in the classroom and therefore to beco
me a normal kid who will study law after; we all pray for
this, we all!!... Ryan, there is hope for you, the new tests
tend to prove that you're getting better and better; the di
sease has slowed down, it's a new victory for you. Thousands
of people everywhere are encouraging you: you are not lone
some! I'm 22 and I live in the [redacted] of [redacted] which
is called [redacted], I've got a Tiny 2-roomed
apartment and my door is wite opened for you. I know that
we don't catch the Aids by giving to someone a little bit
of human warmth which he deserves more than ever, be strong
Ryan, and keep hope and the certainty that many, many persons
are with you, besides you, even if we live far from each other

If you're a stamp collector, I send you a few old French
stamps, I dug them out of my stamp album.

Many, many kind regards to you and your

P.S I don't register the letter, the mailman could be
frigtened to deliver it to you!!!

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