in a country which is quoted as an example of Democracy
to Frenchmen. I've been to the U.S.A three times, actually, and
I realized that in many cases, people appeared to be narrow
minded, back in the old times, setting moral values too high,
I was proud to be French, to see French doctors taking care
of Aids patients, their hands necked, claming it's not the good
way for them to catch the Aids. Your situation would be better
if you were a French school-boy; for I've got good grounds for
stating this. The disease hit a member of my family last year
my step-father who is like you hemophiliac. When my mother-in
tears- said to my and my sister that her husband was in conta
ct with the Aids, our relationships remained unchanged. He is
now out of [redacted] Hospital [redacted] (which has
specialized in the Aids cure) and we're still having diner
and fun together. For God's thank, the virus is not developing
yet, but the thing might wake up, and provoke its damages in his
body if he fell seriously sick suddenly. When he read your
story, he said to me: "please write him, I can't do it in English
to persuade him that we are with him and to tell him that
each of my prayers goes to him.."

How dare people from Kokomo push you apart like this? How dare
they? They are out of their mind or what? My step-father goes on
working everyone knows about him and everyone is so kind and
helpful, even the manager! How can clever people-judges, school
teachers, pupils' parents-forbid school to you, Ryan, who wants
to believe in life, medical research and miracle! I can't find
a proper answer. Of course, YOUR A NORMAL KID! my boy, your offen
ders are not though and the best example to give them is to f
fight unceasslya against the diease to become a famous lawyer
they'll be ashamed after!... I'm addressing your mother, now,
Mrs White, thank you for courage and fight!! You are the vivid
proof of maternal love for all the mothers all around the


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