Olivier [redacted] [redacted], Tuesday 24th March
[redacted], FRANCE

Dear Ryan,

This letter may not reach you but if you read it, you can
be certain that I'm altogether with you for many reasons.
First of all, I think it's a real shame to prevent a 14
years-old boy from learning in a State School because of a
"contagious" disease, in your case, the AIDS-which is a"
plague" so to speak-For months, we know that only typical
contacts are fatal. Your attending school won't turn the
Western School into a cemetery! so what's the use to push
you apart like a devil? People from Indiana are whether
disinformed or lunatic, they become hysterical or what else
They are panic-stricken by all what the Medias said as
stupidities and moral enhancements. Secondly, you showed
to everyone that you were pretty strong, optimist and hope
ful concerning your future. You give to people a wonderful
sense of what "courage and hope" are for you; I read your
sad story in a French weekly and, on the spot, I have been
"spellbound" by your lost look. A youth's look to which
people forbid to lead a plain life. Scarcely credible for
a sensitive person! They have no human rights to refrain
you from being a grown-up when you so much want it!
This French weekly tries to defend you in a 4-paged talk,
it's called "PARIS-MATCH" and it is very popular in my
country, it appears to be a good lawyer. The article starts
like this "AIDS, this little American kid of whom nobody
wants" it goes further with "The innocents' hunt" Every French
people is scandalized by what occurs to you, in your State,

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