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Most people are unaware of natural foods and they are usually
driven away because of the high cost. There is a considerable
difference in prices from most "Health Food Stores" compared to
most "General Grocery Stores". However, the difference in
prices from the "Food Co-op" compared to the "General Grocery
Store" are minimal. If you need assistance in locating a co-op
in your area I can help you.

I am enclosing some information for you and your family.
I pray that you soak it all up like a sponge and begin to use
it in your lives; then help me to begin to share it with others.
I am not a doctor, but I know through experience it helped more
than what the licensed doctors were doing for us.

I believe the scripture from the Bible (Hosea 4:6) "My
people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" is truth. I know
we have been deceived especially in the area of our foods. They
have been chemically fertilized, sprayed with insecticides,
harvested too early, waxed or polished, over-heated through
processing, and then canned in aluminum containers and pu on
shelves for long periods of time. These procedures virtually
rob the nutrients from the foods that are necessary for our
bodies health.

When I see headlines of an "Agent Orange' issue, I truly
see beyond the law suit for the money compensations, although
I do believe the money compensations should be granted, I have
a stronger conviction from the Lord to help reach out and share
my testimony with others. There is still a war going on inside
many Vietnam Veterans lives. I believe there can and will be
a day of victory for the Veterans of the Vietnam War. It will
happen when our U.S. Government admitts to the damages caused by the Agent Orange chemical and then begins to practice nutrition
and educate these victims about better health through natural

The way I see it is the U.S. Government will get around to
it sooner or later. In the meantime the healing process can
begin with the individual at home.

I pray that you will join hands with me to help reach out
to the VVA Chapters to share with them some words of wisdom and
knowledge so we can get to the root of the problems before it
is too late.

Bangert quoted in the "Veteran" article "Seeing Red" that
80% of lymphomas can be cured if detected soon enough. It is
true. Please help me to reach out to the other Veterans and their
families to shed some LIGHT on this issue.

There is much desired to be shared with you and others;
if you are interested please feel free to call me collect.

Because I love Vietnam Veterans,
[redacted] [redacted]