Simone Louis
Cher Ryan, je ne
sais pas l'anglais, excuse moi, je te prie.
Tous a la maison Simon, Louis, Martine
et le petit Christophe, Maria unissons nos
courages pour les brancher au bien
qui est marvelleux et pour te dire
que nous peusont bien a foi et
que su dois, avec le concours des tiens
qui t'aime arriver a gagner la pardie
non seulement tu seras avocat, mais
j'espere en plus, une tres bon avocat
tes miseres physiques et morales feront
que tu comprendras bien ceux que tu
devras defendre dans ta vie
je te serre tendrement dans mes bras de
grand mere, courage Ryan

Simone Louis
Dear Ryan, I don't know English, excuse me, I beg you.
All in the house Simone, Louis, Martine
and little Christophe, Maria unite our
strength to connect them to good
which is marvelous and to tell you
that [we can have faith] and
that you must, with the cooperation of yours
who love you come to win [forgiveness]
not only will you be an advocate, but I hope additionally, a very good advocate
your physical and moral troubles will make
you understand well those that you
will have to defend in your life.
I hug you tenderly in my
grandmother’s arms, courage Ryan

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In French - incomplete


Added a translation but it could use review from someone who is more proficient than I am in French