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send my picture later- I hope you won't get a schok!)
I'm closer fifteen, I'm not very tall (I don't know how to tell it in En
glish!). I have short [redacted] hair and [redacted] eyes ([redacted])
I live in the south of France in [redacted] (there's always a lot of shine)
I haven't got brothers, sisters or pets. I had too cats, a black one and a grey one but they are dead a year ago.
Of course I go to school in[redacted], I'm in 4e- I study Math(I hate) French(I'm very good) English(I'm be fond of), German(it's my first year), Histoy, Gography, but also Sciences and art. I don't enjou doing homework, how do you feel about it?

_ Well, I think that'll be all for today. I have a lot of things to tell you. In my next letter, why not?
_ I hope you'll write soon and tell me all about yourself.

Yours sincerely,
(or Helen)

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