March 28, 1986

Dear Ryan,

I read about you in a french magazine and immediatly decided to write you.

I hope you know about Jesus Christ. He is the best friend for the life and the next. You can ask Him to be your friend, to stay with you, to help you with all your questions. You will be surprised to find Jesus is not visible but real as a person. If you read the Gospel of John in the New Testament you can enjoy many stories about Him but believe me, they are not only historical facts, but eternals. Only the persons who approach Him with Love can know Him as their friend and saviour. You will feel His presence in your inner heart, because He comes as a Spirit, the Holy Ghost of God on to you.

Don't be shy to ask Him to be your friend and to guide you all your time on earth. He can do marvelous things if you continue in His fellowship. Ask Him for your health only when you were pure of Knowing Him as your friend and Saviour. His friendship is the best answer to death; and He can also show us about the futur. Speak to Him, give Him your heart. Love Him always and you tell me later how wonderful is to let Him be in us.

Your sister in Christ,

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