North Wales

Dear Ryan,

Hi! My name's Catrin [redacted] and I
come from North Wales. I read about you in 'WOMAN'
and I was wondering if you'd like to have me as your
penfriend. I know what it's like to be lonely at times and
at those times I loved writing to my other penfriend in
Egypt. Of course, you're luckier than some at least you
have some people to turn to!

Well I don't know whether you'll write
back or not, and since I don't know you I don't know
what to say now! Anyway - I'll thing of something.

I've only just finished my schools last
exams and maybe I'll be leaving it soon. How about you?
Are you having any exams at the moment? If you're not
you're lucky, it's nackering studying all the time!

Ah well, write soon, if you want to!!

Love Catrin.

If my spelling is bad that's becose my 1st
language is Welsh! So I'll say goodbye for now in
perfect Welsh
"Hwyl, am nawr"

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